Learning Sumo is wonderful

April 24, 2019

Joel Rife, Jacobs:

“Hello Imre! I’m finally learning Sumo and it is WONDERFUL! It took me very little time to learn how to set up a run a model. I’ve already seen how the basic functionality is a huge improvement on other models and I’ve just scratched the surface. The transparency of the model is also a big improvement. The Influent Tool is a particularly cool, resulting in a highly “tailorable” influent fractionization in the model. I’ve noticed yield predictions to be a bit higher than other models; a good thing because I’ve found other models in many cases low compared to the data. I’m particularly excited that we finally have a secondary clarifier model that provides improved predictability of effluent TSS (no surprise there). In summary THANK YOU for this software and I look forward to many years of exploring all of its features and having fun with it! Joel”

Another happy user

August 16, 2018

Wim Audenaert, AM-Team:

“We have worked with different simulators before, but never got a new model working so fast as SUMO does. We talk about orders of magnitude difference in time spent.”

Sumo fires up users

July 2, 2018

Dr. Joshua Boltz, after a successful model development project:
Thank you very much, Imre, for your exceptional support during the encoding and debugging process. Perhaps we now call you by your ancient name, Prometheus.

For we have been given fire!

Is it not fun to think, at least for this moment, we have a tool that no one else has created?”


Sumo is enjoyable


Sumo user’s first experience

September 2, 2013

Robert and Imre: I was able to run SUMO and in fact I did my first simulations. And, yes, within about an hour I am now able to do implement and run models on my own. This is excellent! So far, I very much like what I see! Best, Eberhard.


Imre Takacs <imre@dynamita.com>

to Eberhard, RĂ³bert


Yaaay! Thanks Eberhard.

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Skype call, CH2MHill – Dynamita

[1/13/2013 7:56:45 PM] Bruce Johnson: boy imre… pretty slow… 9 seconds a day for a fully dynamic feed and 72 bioreactors split into 4 parallel trains. Can’t you do any better than that? :O

[1/13/2013 8:00:21 PM] Imre Takacs: give me heart attacks!

[1/13/2013 8:00:35 PM] Bruce Johnson: LOL!!!!

[1/13/2013 8:00:49 PM] Bruce Johnson: very sweet imre

[1/13/2013 8:02:05 PM] Imre Takacs: great. I am going to relay this to the guys because they heard so much about speed from me, they are totally fed up

[1/13/2013 8:04:01 PM] Bruce Johnson: please do! this is absolutely incredible how quick it is.

The model has 105 state variables including DO modelling.